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Security & Surveillance

If you need protection, or suspect behaviour investigated, - speak to our security and surveillance team.

Security cameras

Do You Need Security or Surveillance? 


Surveillance uses cameras to monitor the behaviour of a person or place and provides indisputable evidence. Here are some common scenarios where surveillance is needed:

  • Gathering information on a person

  • Crime Prevention 

  • Shoplifting

  • Protecting neighbourhoods 

We offer a full range of surveillance capabilities. A full assessment for your requirements will be made to ensure that the best possible option is provided.


We provide conventional, technical and rural surveillance together with anti and counter surveillance techniques.

How It Works


If you think you need surveillance and would like to book in a free consultation, you can get in touch with us by clicking here

Once you've got in touch, we will to respond to you within 48 hours to get the consultation booked in for a time which is convenient for you.

After our consultation we will present you with a plan, this includes details on what methods we will be looking to use, as well as, cost and time estimates.

We won't start working until all parties have approved the plan. 

You Can Trust Us​


We’re a small, independent, ex-law enforcement team with over 30 years experience. 


All our assignments are carried out with integrity and discretion. We’re committed to providing you with successful cost effective results.


  • Legality - All operatives are PIP2 accredited Private Investigators. We're government vetted to CTC level, as well as, BPSS cleared.

  • Speed - we’ll work quickly to get you the answers you need.

  • Confidentiality - we're ex-law enforcement, your case is in safe hands. 

  • Achievability - if we don’t think we can meet your expectations, we’ll tell you.


Our Security & Surveillance team operate across the whole of the United Kingdom with offices based in London and Surrey.


If you're looking for Security & Surveillance in: Surrey, London, Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, as well as, all other UK counties, we can help.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require International services, we may still be able to help so don't let that stop you getting in touch.

Case Study

We were contracted by a prestigious London based corporate organisation following a member of staff claiming false injuries caused during a training exercise.


The surveillance successfully identified that the claim was false and the member of staff’s attempts to obtain compensation were defeated.

Following this successful operation, the same organisation sought our consultancy for a lengthy surveillance operation after hostile surveillance was identified on its premises by members by an apparent fundamentalist group.


Initial concerns were directed to the police and security services, these were discounted.


Following detailed consultation, we accepted the task of monitoring the main subject with a view to establishing if their fears were founded and realistic.

This individual was observed carrying out hostile surveillance on a number of iconic buildings in the City of London whilst meeting other suspicious individuals and obtaining technical equipment.

Following this operation, the client was in a stronger and more informed position to re-engage the security services.


The suspect was then allocated a high-risk security rating and the operation was handed over to police.


All intelligence and evidence gathered was successfully transferred to law enforcement within the legislative framework. 

Get in Touch

We know it can feel like a big step but we guarantee you’ll feel better for it. 

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Please call if your requirements are time sensitive.


Don't worry if you have a complex issue. Submit a brief summary for now and we’ll cover off the details during our consultation. 


3000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business Park,


KT16 0RS,

United Kingdom

+44 (0)19322 516 26

We will be in contact shortly.

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