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Security solutions you need.

Private investigator, process server and security solutions covering UK and International cases.

Trusted by large organisations, as well as, individual people. No problem is too small.

Rest assured, your case will remain absolutely confidential. 

Need Help?

If you or your business need a situation looked into, let us help you get it resolved quickly.

Bug sweeping camera

Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

Do you need to check for eavesdropping devices? 

Get physical, visual, and electronic inspections of your property.

Camera taking photos investigating affair

Relationship Troubles

Is your partner causing you problems?

Get help with infidelity, separation and divorce.

Card Theft Security


Has your property or services been taken without your consent?

Get help with shoplifting, burglary and identity theft.

Process Server Serving Document

Do you need to get legal documents served quickly?

Get legal notices delivered to an individual or defendant.

Employer issues faking illness

Employee Issues

Has an employee behaved inappropriately or broken the workplace rules?

Get help with employee disputes, theft & background checks.

Face recognition people tracing

People Tracing

Do you need an individual located?

Get help tracing debtors, beneficiaries and missing people.

Your Solutions

Tell us about your situation and we'll offer you solutions.  


We won’t waste your time or money - we’ll save it.

If you have a corporate, or personal problem which needs to be looked into in confidence, a private investigator is what you need.  


Once you’ve told us what you need help with, we’ll be upfront about whether it’s something we can work with you on. We won’t waste your time or money - we’ll save it. 

Don’t let things fester, get the answers you need.


Click here to book in a free chat with our Private Investigators. 

If you need protection, or suspect behaviour investigated, security & surveillance is what you want.

Our security and surveillance team get you quick, indisputable answers by providing you with unquestionable evidence. 

Keep safe and clear up your concerns. Click here to book in a free chat with our Security and Surveillance team.


Need to get legal documents served quickly and efficiently? 

Our process servers cover the whole of the UK and can get your documents delivered within days of instruction.


No longer do you need to call through counties trying to find someone. We quickly trace people using high quality tech. 

Click here to book a free chat with our Process Servers. 

Why Choose Us

We’re a small, independent team with over 30 years law-enforcement experience. 

All our assignments are carried out with integrity and discretion. We’re committed to providing you with successful cost effective results.


  • Legality - All operatives are PIP2 accredited Private Investigators. We're government vetted to CTC level, as well as, BPSS cleared.

  • Speed - we’ll work quickly to get you the answers you need.

  • Confidentiality - we're ex-law enforcement, your case is in safe hands. 

  • Achievability - if we don’t think we can meet your expectations, we’ll tell you.

Major UK Logistics Company - Employee Sick Pay

Our surveillance services were requested to investigate a company employee who had been on long-term absence, however was believed to be working for another company.

Observations were carried out and the subject was filmed carrying out delivery work around his home address for another company.

The employee was interviewed by HR and when confronted he resigned.

Verifier - Michael Saunders - Regional Security Manager.

Major Corporation - Injury Claims

Our client was a major corporate management team who were being taken to a tribunal as the accuser claimed they had been injured during a company training exercise.

The accuser attended a meeting on crutches, however, our investigation found them to be faking the injury during their journey home. The accuser also carried out a shoplifting offence whilst travelling which was also reported.

The claim was against our client was dismissed.

UK Family - Money Deceit

A daughter was concerned about her brother who was borrowing large sums of money from her parents.

She was suspicious about his reasons (medical treatment for depression), however had been criticised by her family for challenging his account. At this point, her parents’ savings had been exhausted and they were getting into debt.

Surveillance identified that her brother had another property in Weybridge (he lived in Essex) where he had set up home with another woman.


He was subsequently confronted at the address by his father and brother and undertook to repay her parents.

Case Studies

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Don't worry if you have a complex issue. Submit a brief summary for now and we’ll cover off the details during our consultation. 


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