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There are many benefits of pro-active employment screening. Some to consider within the context of your own business are:

  • Signifies a positive approach to engendering confidence in the company and the brand by publicly guaranteeing employees meet a minimum standard and promotes confidence amongst existing staff and customers.

  • Preventing reputational damage to the Company by ensuring those who would not have been offered the job are allowed to impact adversely bringing the company to adverse attention.

  • Prevents fines and other legal action for failures to ensure right to work, observance of court orders, or unqualified staff causing incidents generating liability claims.

  • Fewer wrong employment choices, on a basic level it saves money by not repeating the process or having to conduct costly disciplinary hearings; minimises management headaches by saving on training the wrong person, and a drain on other corporate resources.

  • Ensures a significant reduction in costs associated with employee thefts and internal fraud investigation and security costs reduced whilst preventing on-going losses.

  • Safer workplace, minimises work disruption, and improves morale when employees know that the next person hired is safe to work with and has a good track record.

  • Many authorities and agencies expect contractors and business partner staff to have been screened, and it can be a positive point in a tendering process.