People will go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their past, or information that would compromise their application for employment. Criminal records are just one area of concern, but claiming qualifications and experience they do not have and omitting bad hires are common practice. It has been estimated that over 50% of CV’s contain some factual inaccuracy or statement that could impact upon the decision to hire or not. Legal responsibility such as ensuring persons have the right to work in the UK and are not prohibited from using computers and other resources puts a strict onus on employers to be pro-active in the labour market. This involves checking original documents for authenticity. Using or changing a name is not that difficult and looking beyond the obvious is where we offer genuine value. Doctors, Company Directors and Teachers have all been found to have used false identities to obtain what they want, at a cost to others. The reputational damage to companies can be severe, or in some cases terminal.

Whilst such cases are still comparatively rare given the size of the labour pool, the extent and devastation caused by hiring the wrong person can be catastrophic. The task to identify those risks can become more difficult when dealing with persons from abroad but this should not be a barrier to selecting quality candidates.

However, protection is available through using a professionalised service that guarantees to carry out the checks that will identify the people who would do you harm.