As a specialist revenue protection and security consultancy we offer unique services to mitigate the risk from security breaches, compliance incidents, fraud and inappropriate behaviour. Providing a fully independent and unbiased approach to guarantee fair and defensible conclusions upon which definitive action can be taken. Please select one of the areas from the list below.
Police and community liaison

Reperio can provide former senior police officers with experience of Gold level strategic command of protests and events ranging from the Heathrow expansion to the London Olympics and serious public disorder. As such, we have unparalleled knowledge of the law, the tactics employed by protestors, and the current financial constraints impacting on operational policing.

Intelligence and evidence gathering

Reperio provide highly skilled staff to establish a bespoke intelligence gathering capability which can provide extensive information and research for board reports, briefings and operational deployments. This provides a capability to ensure the correct and proportionate deployment of resources in a fiscally responsible manner

Policing Public protest and Events

Reperio can provide command experience and extensive planning and implementation of safe and secure solutions to public protest

Legal Support and Insurance Commissions

We welcome commissions from Solicitors, Insurance Companies, to conduct investigations for third parties, to include evidential preparation and statement taking; or from companies seeking evidential materials to assist in the resolution of H&S or HR issues, criminal and industrial issues. We will take professional witness statements and obtain and preserve the integrity of supporting evidence to the highest standard of proof. Where necessary and with consent we will screen witnesses for previous issues that could undermine their credibility. We will also review all materials for potential lines of enquiry to support the client’s case, serve documents and certify service. Accident investigate and support submissions are a speciality of ours.

Work Place Investigations

Reperio offer a variety of workplace solutions to support employ confidence including investigation, screening and Integrity testing.
It is estimated that up to one third of stock shrinkage occurs by way of internal theft. Integrity tests can target financial trust worthiness, product handling or social engineering scenarios that are designed to test the individual’s response under controlled conditions to prove or disprove their propensity to act against the company’s interests. We will work with you to not only prove an issue, but where necessary help exonerate employees through structured processes

Penetration Testing

We offer penetration testing to determine the security of premises during the working day. Identity cards and a passive security regime can lead to lapses in any security regime. The enhanced temptation leads to theft and government sanctions. Through physically identifying the strength of your security measures we can improve your resilience saving you money and stop potential harm to your company.

Brand Protection

Intellectual Property violations damage business in terms of both revenue generation and reputational harm. In the UK there are strong laws that support the IP holder but those processes often rely on tangible evidence. We are experienced covert practitioners and are able to provide an effective test purchase solutions. These can be used for litigation, ‘cease and desist’ and intelligence, but will also meet prosecution evidential standards if required. We will discuss your needs and recommend to you of the appropriate response. This can be inter business, stores/stalls, individuals in person or online. We have extensive experience of online action, both at Service Provider and direct contact level on a worldwide basis.

E Commerce Anti-Fraud Systems

Online sales are becoming a significant part of most retail businesses, but the liability shift to the merchant on Cardholder Not Present transactions (CNP) creates a vulnerability that is not present in physical stores. This is not always appreciated by business owners, and partial solutions provided by payment gateway providers do not provide the level of reassurance against chargebacks. We have also experience of setting up a cradle to grave security regime for a major ecommerce platform for a retail company that provides protection against fraudulent payments and deliveries through applying tailored rules that still allow legitimate sales to flourish. We can then provide you with an effective management model or conduct the required assurance checks for you.

Security Support

Building and in store security advice, from planning, internal controls and practical security policies based around legal compliance, we can work with you to produce cost effective security regimes. Obtain risk assessments you can trust built on your needs rather than unnecessary costly services that do not meet your needs.

Staff training and protocols

Reperio can provide business and continuity planning and crisis management.This includes opening and closing protocols as well as using deterrents and physical security to discourage criminal activity, as well as supporting store openings, and product launches. We also have extensive counter fraud experience and can evidence significant savings through changing company processes to avoid charge backs both in the UK and abroad.

Logistics losses

Reperio Solutions have successfully engaged with a number of international logistics companies in support of other companies to obtain greater co-operation and more effective liaison leading to loss reductions in the supply chain. This has led to arrests and convictions within the supply chain worldwide and compensation for the client. We have worked with courier companies to provide bespoke secure shipping conditions under challenging circumstances as well as more localised courier distribution issues to combat Parcel theft and other delivery abuses. We aim to support the existing security teams to enhance their processes to prevent such losses.

Asset Management

To support cost reduction, we advocate the use of company asset tracking systems and other controls will lead to savings and a healthier business. We can assist in the creation, application and training for Company Security and Revenue Protection professionals, including bespoke policies and crisis management and compliance training. We can design and implement a property reporting system that provides audit support, and investigative strategies that add value to the Companies Revenue Protection efforts. This has been proven to have saved millions of pounds and is a tried and tested tactic.

High Value, Non Corporate Fraud

Fraud is an increasing problem both in and outside of the business community, but law enforcement is dedicating less time to deal with such matters due to other priority commitments and spending costs. This can leave the victim in an invidious position with little or no hope of recovery of their goods. We will give you an honest assessment of your position and recommend a suitable methodology to resolve matters in your favour by taking appropriate action on your behalf.

Tracing Services

We will undertake tracing activity for individuals, using our professional skills to locate people who have become ‘difficult to contact’.

Reperio offer a full range of surveillance capabilities. Using staff trained to national standards conventional and technical surveillance services are available.
A full assessment for the customer’s requirements will be made to ensure that the best possible option is provided in order that the product required can be obtained. This service is legally and ethically regulated high standards.